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Extra ordinary food and unbeatable prices

Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai

The Thai Connection one of the foremost restaurants in Dubai is an absolute necessity and has eating background when reserving for Dubai. Light, delicious and fortifying dishes overflowing with the customary kinds of Thailand. There are a lot of delicious dishes that is why this is known as the best restaurants in Dubai, to mains like waterway prawns with sauce, kaffir lime leaves and red chill. As being the top restaurants in Dubai the eatery is comfortable frame inside and the space is pleasantly composed with stunning Thai food in Dubai touches in the stylistic theme. For food Dubai you will discover the place inviting and warm as the staff is well disposed and glad to offer assistance and good food in UAE. So that is why the top restaurant in Dubai.


We are not trying to be efficient while only 70 SEATS are exists per a cafe and they got reserved very immediately. And if you really want to come up? Join us today!.


DECLARES THE WORLD FAMOUS “tom young gong spicy shrimp soup”

Current settlement

The Thai Connection declares 10% discount for students in Dubai to provide the Thai food delivery Dubai

Abu Dhabi:

New brand launched.

Latest News

Includes mater-class chefs for splendid stuff.

Food special

Khao Pad, Tom kha kai, Gaeng Daeng.

Internet availability

Provides the strong internet connections through Wi-Fi facilities.